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101 Horsemanship Exercises

Book to be published on the 1st September 2007, online purchase will be available later this year.
For any enquiries on the book please email me on rio@oakwoodhorsemanship.com


This book will explain how horses think, feel and behave and show you how to change their actions by changing their minds.

Through a wide range of exercises based on the science of animal behaviour (ethology), you will discover how to develop horsemanship skills on the ground and in the saddle that will dramatically improve the relationship with the horse and create a solid foundation based on trust and communication.

Whether you want to :-

  • compete at high level in any discipline
  • enjoy a safe hack
  • solve problems, or…
  • prevent them

this book covers the theory and practical skills from the simplest fundamentals that everyone around horses should know, to the refined techniques of the expert horseman, and provides a ‘road map’ for the journey towards the Art of Horsemanship.

Book Price:- £19.99
(P & P at £3.99 per order in UK and Europe or £7.76 per order for shipping anywhere else in the world)

101 Horsemanship Book

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101 Horsemanship Book    101 Horsemanship Book    101 Horsemanship Book