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Have you ever felt that despite being told that ground work and horsemanship training relates to conventional riding, you can’t quite see how?

“…How will this help me with my dressage test?” is a fair question that comes up time and again with clients, many of whom come from a conventional background and whilst looking for a training approach that will help them understand their horses better, find themselves wondering how, or if, it fits with what they learned before.

No matter what discipline it may describe, every book you read on horse riding talks about the same sorts of ideals and goals…control without brutality, communication versus force, about creating relaxation and confidence versus fear and defensiveness and about training a horse to do simple things well before making them complex. The techniques suggested may differ but essentially the quest for the perfect partnership between man and horse is universal.

Achieving lightness and harmony are among our primary goals and cannot be achieved without balance of mind and body. In Horsemanship training you learn

  • about the horses natural behaviour…why he does what he does.
  • that how he feels and thinks affects his body and way of going.
  • how to apply this knowledge to influence his mind and body positively to create a ‘happy athlete’.
When you approach your training in this way confusion, resistance and poor results give way to confidence, acceptance and improved performance whether you want to enjoy a safe hack or compete at high level.