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Live Your Dreams!

What is your dream of the perfect horse ?
What are your aims or goals ?
Why do you have a horse or why do you want one ?

Some people have clear answers to those questions, others find them more difficult to define and of course its personal to each of us. But if the question was…

‘Do you want to enjoy your time with your horse?’

everybody would say a simple …..‘Yes !!’

The reality is that many people don’t have as much fun as they could because they don’t feel safe, or they are not achieving the things they would like to because they cannot make themselves understood.

Ironically many horses would say the same ! So our aim is to help you to develop techniques that you and your horses easily comprehend. These methods are based on the scientific principles of Learning Theory combined with an understanding of the psychology of our equine friends and how they naturally communicate with each other. This knowledge enables us to motivate them to do things for us willingly, without the need for force, just as their own kind do.

Just think…

  • how much more enjoyable your time with your horse would be if you were in total harmony with each other.

  • how much safer if your horse would wait for your instructions when he lacked confidence because he trusted you as a valuable resource

  • how much better your results would be if you and your horse could unite to tackle challenges together, rather than challenging each other!

Outstanding results are achieved through learning why and how to control footfall, understanding motivation and conditioned responses, and developing feel, timing and balance. We teach these skills on the ground first and then apply them to riding. Incorporated in these are issues like protecting your personal space, approach and retreat, reading body language, types of pressure and when to release. We look at how horses establish hierarchy and how to offer them leadership that creates trust and confidence.

By gaining this knowledge the fear and frustration so common between horse and human become a thing of the past as you discover the keys to lightness, balance and mutual respect.