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How we train...

The better we understand the innate behaviour of the horse the more we can develop our training methods to make them more palatable to the him, so we teach you to look at life from the horses perspective… what makes him tick, what he fears, and how to provide him with what he needs.

We combine these insights with the science of how training actually works and show you how to build a good foundation, resolve issues, change performance-limiting behaviour and expand potential.

Horsemanship training is now becoming accepted and integrated into the equestrian world at large as people realise that ethical and successful training comes from understanding the horse, no matter what discipline you wish to pursue. Of course this principle is not new – it underpins the ancient art of horsemanship as was taught by the classical masters over centuries.

In a way there’s no such thing as Natural Horsemanship! There’s nothing very natural about riding a horse, since millions of years of evolution has taught them that being in the presence of predators (like humans) is not good news!

However, mans fascination with the horse goes back thousands of years and he has been deeply integral to the spread of civilisation as we know it. Due to an extraordinary ability to learn and adapt the horse has served Man and shaped our development like no other animal. In developed countries the horse is no longer used for transport, farming or warfare but riding has become a leisure pursuit. This has given us the opportunity to look for greater understanding in our equine training and horse and pony management.

This is the ‘natural’ part of the expression ‘Natural Horsemanship’….it is based on an understanding of what comes naturally to the horse, and it doesn’t really matter what we call it or what part of the globe it originates because horses are the same the world over and good horsemanship is just good horsemanship !

Some of the greatest horsemen throughout history came from very diverse backgrounds…. some were classical masters of the Military Haute Ecole, some were Cowboys of the Wild West. What set them apart was that they worked with the inherent nature of the horse rather than against it so their horses became more confident, receptive and easier to handle in every way.

This information is now available to you, so if you would like to know how to train your horse to...

catch reliably ? lead quietly ? tie up safely ? load with confidence ? stand for mounting ? go forwards willingly ? stop softly ? steer accurately ? move laterally without resistance? rein back lightly ?become more supple and balanced ? become responsive rather than reactive and ….want to be around you then you have come to the right place !